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The Exclusive Secret for the Failure of Personal Development Plan

Tick Tick, with every passing second, the year 2021 is going to end.

We are used to PLANNING, going ASTRAY, and letting things go in vain. But to what extent will we run from our FORFEIT?

This question will keep hammering our brain until we replace it with the phrase that “HOW FAR CAN I GO?” I have been there in your shoes; I understand your pain and sorrows; things are more complex than they seem. However, SUCCESS is cherishing yet challenging to achieve. Whether formally or informally, I have made hundreds of personal development plans. I crafted a plan every time I saw a successful person, on reading an article, and whenever I saw a person posting their story of development. I have failed a hundred times. Sometimes, the culprit of my plan was a friend’s birthday party and sometimes a wedding ceremony of my cousin. But, I never lost hope; I tried again and again; I kept on developing plans, but all in vain. I never moved forward in the journey of personal development. Then the time came that I started doubting myself; am I capable of what I am aiming for? Am I putting in enough effort? Is it my bad luck that is holding me back? Millions of such thoughts kept hammering my brain, and I was overwhelmed and hopeless that I nearly reached the point of no return. My dream of a house and luxurious life just shattered into pieces.

But, I was fortunate enough to gather myself and rise up once again to give life another try. But this time, I was not starting from scratch; I got the experience of all the failures with me. I began scratching my head that what I was doing wrong that is resulting in failure. The answer was Inconsistency. Yes, I was not consistent enough to reap the results and have been blaming the circumstances for that. But not anymore; now I had the reason for failure. I knew that the secret to success is consistency.

Years ago, things were not like this as they are now; they have everything consciously designed to ensure your SUCCESS. In fact, their 30 DAYS DECEMBER 2021 CHALLENGE made me think of starting another journey with them; perhaps we could be fellow learners.

Now, it is up to YOU whether you want to sleep like a HARE or win like SUCCESSFUL TORTOISE.

I want you to SUCCEED, don’t be the average, CHASE YOUR DREAMS

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