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XO Student Discount Card


We are excited to announce that UK Professional Development Academy is proud to work in partnership with XO Student Card to provide exclusive discounts to all our learners. All our online learners are eligible to apply for the new XO Student Discount Card. XO Student Discount Card entitles you to offers a discount at most retailers both online and on the hundred’s of high street shops.

How to apply for an XO Student Discount Card?

Step by step guidance

  1. Purchase online course from our website.
  2. Visit the XO website (www.xostudentdiscounts.co.uk)
  3. Select UK Professional Development Academy from the list of approved places of study/institution.
  4. Choose your Course Sector (e.g. Business Management, Project Management).
  5. Complete your personal information and address.
  6. Purchase your card for £12 per year + £1.95 Postage & Packaging.