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Qualifi – Level 7 Diploma In Strategic Management And Leadership

Level 7
Ofqual Regulated Qualification
Qualifi Ltd.
6 Month To 1 Year
Online Self-Paced
Certificate Included

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The qualifications have been created to develop and reward the business managers of today and the future and to continue to bring recognition and professionalism to the management sectors.

We hope that learners will learn a great deal from these programmes that will provide relevant new skills and qualities.

It is envisaged that these programmes will encourage both academic and professional development so that you learners move forward to realise not just their own potential but also that of organisations across a broad range of sectors.

The Diploma is accredited at the postgraduate Level 7. The programme has a total equivalence of 120 credits. Completing the Diploma allows access to a dissertation at one of Qualifi’s University partners for a related master’s degree.


The overall structure of the course is based on eight units that cover a number of topics relating to learning outcomes. Six units are mandatory, with learners being able to choose two optional units from four. Each unit has an equivalency of 15 credits.

Qualification Accreditation Number (QAN): (601/5335/0)

  • Delivered 100% online
  • Program available to UK, EU and International students
Unit Reference Mandatory Units Level TQT Credit GLH
702 Manage Team Performance to Support Strategy 7 150 15 60
704 Information Management and Strategic Decision Taking 7 150 15 60
705 Leading a Strategic Management Project 7 150 15 60
706 Strategic Direction 7 150 15 60
711 Strategic Planning 7 150 15 60
724 Development as a Strategic Manager 7 150 15 60
Optional Units
703 Finance for Managers 7 150 15 60
708 Strategic Marketing 7 150 15 60
710 Organisational Change Strategies 7 150 15 60
712 Human Resource Planning 7 150 15 60

Each units carries 15 Credits and 60 Guided Learning Hours.


The overall learning outcomes of the Diploma are:

  • To understand and apply the principles of strategic leadership in a business environment
  • Review and apply the principles of business management within the industry
  • To understand and apply the principles of strategic management in a specific environment
  • To improve the employability of learners by allowing them to explore the relationship between management theories and their practical application in the business world.
  • Analyse problem-solving techniques specific to business and industry
  • Select, collate, review and analyse information from a wide range of sources
  • Work independently and as part of a team
  • Manage one’s own personal development and growth.


The Qualification has been designed to be accessible without artificial barriers that restrict access and progression. For entry to the Qualification, learners will be expected to hold the following

1. Solid knowledge of the English Language
2. Be age 16 years or above
3. Good understanding of ICT
4. Level 6 Qualification or; relevant experience
5. First Degree.


After studying the course material, Learner will have to attempt the Final Assignment(s) for each Module.

The Assignment Brief containing the different questions will be available on Learning Platform. You will be assessed by UK PD Academy’s Assessor. A range of assessment methods may be used. When an assessment criteria is met, it will be graded ‘Pass’. If there is further evidence required, it will be graded ‘referred or fail’, and your assessor will give feedback as to how you can meet the criteria. You can resubmit an assignment as many times as you need to.

All written report(s) / Assessment(s) are online and are taken either through or after the course; these are included in the course price.

Who is this Course for?

The Qualification is suitable for part-time learners in the workplace but equally appropriate for full-time learners who can also participate in formal work placements or part-time employment. Learners can progress into or within employment in the business sector, either directly on the achievement of the awards or following further study at university to get a full master’s degree.


Learners completing the QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership can progress to the QUALIFI Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, or a university partner to complete a dissertation to then receive a full master’s degree, or directly into employment in an associated profession


This Qualification has been accredited to the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) and has its own unique Qualification Accreditation Number (QAN). This number will appear on the learner’s final certification document. Each unit with the Qualification has its own RQF code. The QAN for this Qualification is as follows:

Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership: (601/5335/0)

What is QUALIFI?

QUALIFI is approved and regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) with a reference number RN5160. Ofqual is responsible for maintaining standards and confidence in a wide range of vocational qualifications, whereas QUALIFI has a duty of care to implement quality assurance processes.


The minimum time to complete this Qualification is 6 Months. Learners will have access to their Qualification via the Learning Platform for up to 12 months from the date of enrolment. During this period, flexibility will be given to learners to complete the course at any time between 6 months to 12 months.


Certificate and Transcript + Standard postage local = Included in Course Fee
Certificate and Transcript + Standard postage International = Included in Course Fee

If you wish to receive your Certificate and Transcript by Special Courier i.e., DHL there will be an extra Cost.

Courier Services charges International = £40

Note: It is not mandatory to select the courier service for delivery. We are providing this option for your convenience because standard posts are taking a longer time (3-4 weeks).

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