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Certificate in Accounting and Finance


UK Professional Development Academy’s Certificate in Accounting and Finance has been designed comprehensively to introduce the learners with the field of accounting and finance and role that has been played by the accountants in contemporary organisations. This Accounting and Finance Certificate Course is particularly designed for the learners with the aim to serve them with important theoretical and practical knowledge of accounting for establishing a promising career.

Aims of the Course

Modern businesses actively deal with the accounts, financial reports and financial issues throughout the organisational period and thus require a professional accountant to cope with all these matters.

This accounting and finance online course aims, to offer the learners an inclusive knowledge and expertise to establish a promising career in the field of financial accountancy. The online accounting and finance course is comprised of three units and that will provide the learners with a clear understanding of the role of accountancy in the modern corporate world. Learners will be introduced with the key concepts of accounting and finance, various type of financial reports and with the concept of financial ratio analysis.

Course Outline

Certificate in Accounting and Finance is 30 credits course. To achieve a Certification in Accounting and Finance learner must have to achieve minimum 03 units with 30 Credits.


  1. Introduction to Accounting and Finance
  2. Accountant Roles and Responsibilities in Modern Organisations
  3. Understanding to Financial Reports

Learning Outcomes

  • This Accounting and finance training provides the knowledge that will enable you to:
    • Understand the basic concepts of Accounting and Finance
    • Identify the roles and responsibilities performed by accountants in modern organizations
    • Prepare and analyse different type of financial reports such as balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement etc.


After studying through the training manual, Learner will have to attempt Final Assignment. The Assignment Brief containing the different questions will be available on Learning Platform. You will be assessed by UKPDA’s Assessor. A range of assessment methods may be used. When an assessment criteria is met, it will be graded ‘Pass’. If there is further evidence required, it will be graded ‘referred or fail’ and your assessor will give feedback as to how you can meet the criteria. You can resubmit an assignment as many times as you need to.


Further information

Duration: This is a self-paced course, and the duration of completion depends on the learner’s pace and ability to give time to study.

Learners will have access to their course via Learning Platform for up to 12 months from the date of enrolment. During this period, flexibility will be given to learners for completing the course at any time.

Upon successfully passing the Final Assignment(s) / Final Test(s) learner needs to pay for Certificate of Completion from UKPDA either in PDF format or Hardcopy.

Certificate of Completion (PDF format) = £27
Certificate of Completion (Hardcopy) = £35 + postage charges £9

Duration 4 Weeks to 12 Months
Level Beginner
Study Method Online – Self-Paced
Start Date Enrol Today
Installment Plan Deposit: £55 | No. of Instalmets: 06 | £20 / Month
Price £175.00 £50.00

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